Hudson Valley Dog Club
Was established in 2008 by a group of APDT rally obedience fanciers in order to host Rally Obedience Trials. The group applied and was granted status as a Limited Liability Corperation and during it's founding meetings a tradition of bringing food to each of the meetings was born.
This tradition was so well recieved that it coined the phrase "it's all about the food"
and has since taken on a life of its own.
One of our first tasks was to raise money to pay for the expences of running a trial, for this the group decided to host a Match Show. Our first match show was held on May 17 2008 in Middletown NY.
HVDC hosted a sanctioned Rally Obedience Trial on October 18-19 2008
and another on October 17-18 2009
The PENNJY Obedience club members hosted an APDT rally obedience trial at Thompson Park.
Shortly after the show a group of PENNJY members broke away and formed The Hudson Valley Dog Club
By 2010, HVDC has become a model to which other groups look up to.
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